2016 Update

2016: A “leap” year (366 days, February 29th); an Olympics year; a Presidential election year; for me, a milestone birthday in a few months.

Here are some thoughts/reminders which are as true this year as they were last year:

–Every meal (or snack) is an opportunity to advance your health, fitness, and wellness goals. (True also for beverages.) Good choices are all that’s needed — no magic, no Herculean effort.

–Your own inner voice or “self talk” or mental attitude plays a significant role in your fitness and wellness.

–Challenge yourself.

Much information on these topics and more is presented in my eBook “Age Re-Defined”, available through all major eBook retailers.  

Robert holds 4 certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Personal Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and Certified Wellness Coach. He is 59 (all photos are recent), and the author of an eBook, “Age Re-Defined”. His eBook tells his own story and is motivational — it is also full of helpful and factual information on topics ranging from exercise and nutrition (Nutrition Contributor: Deborah Klein, MS, RD), to wellness and the mind-body connection. Robert holds BA and JD degrees and is a professional jet charter pilot, an attorney, and holds a California Real Estate Broker license. He is an example of how a commitment to health and fitness can produce results even when active in other professional pursuits. He is selectively available as a Contributor, speaker, trainer/coach.