Incline Sprints, Soft Sand Sprints: Birthday Fun


The View From The Top Of Sprint Hill (“The Hill”)




Yesterday, April 30th, was my 57th birthday. Did I mention I have the best abs of my life these past 12 months and now? It was getting late in the afternoon and it was my birthday, after all, so instead of driving to my usual beach workout venue, I stayed within brisk walking distance of home. This is what I have dubbed “Sprint Hill” or just “The Hill”. More than 4 years ago, I used to walk up The Hill, pausing at the top before continuing the walk which slopes gently up a bit more, then descends down to the beach. Now, when I do this local venue, I sprint up The Hill multiple times before walking the brief gentle upslope and the descent to the beach. After 4 or 5 sprints up The Hill in rapid succession – the last 2 were the strongest – I continued the walk down to the beach. There, I did 6 sprints in the soft sand. Sprint, walk, sprint, walk, etc., for a cycle of 6 sprints – all in the soft sand, before returning to the pavement for the rest of the walk. What was interesting was that I kept up with the steady pace soft sand joggers who were  in the same area of the beach even though I was walking part of the time. Of course, their total distance was farther, as their jogs were already in progress when I started my sprint-walk-sprint cycles. I enjoy sprints. There are studies exhorting the metabolic and other benefits of sprints. They just intuitively feel right to me. The sprint-walk-sprint, etc., cycle is a version of interval training. The steep incline of The Hill and the soft sand of the beach just add to the challenge. Steep inclines not only up the cardio and lower body challenges, but they also engage the abs and core. So, once again, I encourage “Incline It, Baby”.

It’s encouraging – more like exhilarating – to come back to an “old” exercise venue and find it less challenging than you left it. That is, until you come up with new ways to challenge yourself. I am again reminded of “The Fitness Continuum” and, seeing as how this was my birthday, of “Age Re-Defined” (the title of my eBook).

May your birthdays find you healthy, fit, happy, and well.