Age Re-Defined: An eBook and a Lifestyle

After a beach work-out. June, 2013.

The title of my eBook is “Age Re-Defined: Take Control of Your Health, How You Feel, And How You Look – Even In Your Forties & Fifties“. But “Age Re-Defined” isn’t just an eBook, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle of exercise, healthy nutrition, and a positive mind, a beneficial mind-body connection. A lifestyle of wellness. In my eBook, I encourage progress along the fitness continuum. I’m 57 and, so far, it works for me. (There’s a lot more in the eBook, too.)

Regarding the exercise part of the Age Re-Defined lifestyle, I discuss in my eBook the difference between physical activity and exercise. In short, exercise is physical activity with a purpose, with progress, with results. If you’ve never worked out, haven’t worked out in years, or need to take your workouts up a notch, consider hiring a personal trainer. I am not only a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, but I’ve also been a training client. I know what it’s like to have health and fitness goals and to meet or exceed those goals with the help of a trainer. To transform.

I’m available in-person to train clients on the Westside of Los Angeles and in the South Bay – communities such as West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Culver City, Mar Vista, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Venice, Marina del Rey, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach.

It’s a great time of year to train outdoors. I can train you in the gym or outdoors. And if you’re not local, consider training with me via Skype and/or getting a Fitness Nutrition consultation via Skype. Or by phone or email.

And, by the way, the Age Re-Defined lifestyle, the wellness lifestyle, is a year-round lifestyle. Even so, special summer rates apply to my trainer/coach services. Email or call for details.

Don’t just say “I need to work out” or “I need to eat better” or “I need to lose some weight”. Take action. Take Control of Your Health, How You Feel, And How You Look.

Stay well.