Robert at Van Nuys Airport, 2012


Robert, 2011. Age 55.


Just as the pharmaceutical industry and seemingly large segments of the medical profession would have you believe that “health” is found in prescription medication, many hawkers of creams, lotions, potions, etc., would have you believe that “anti-aging” is acid of one kind of another or a toxin derivative, or some other substance in a jar, bottle, or tube – or an injectable –  that you apply to your face. (Indeed, some of these substances can be irritants or worse.)

The best anti-aging agents for either gender are: exercise, good nutrition, adequate rest, positive self-talk (beneficial use of the mind-body connection), and stress reduction. These anti-aging agents work from the inside out. I’m 57, so, based on the advertisements I see for “anti-aging products” (an infomercial is on now featuring a 40-something supermodel), seems I’m age-qualified to make these suggestions. (Edit: A related article, which came to my attention after I first posted: http://www.ncsf.org/NewsArticles/0-290/Living-to-100-Tips-for-Healthy-Aging.aspx)

One source for more information about the natural anti-aging effects of a healthy and fit lifestyle is my eBook “Age Re-Defined”, available on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Amazon, Kobo, and elsewhere. More sources are cited in the eBook.


Robert In A Scene For A Feature Film. June, 2013; Age 57.