Are You Getting Results From Your Workouts?

Are you getting results from your workouts? Do you exercise with sufficient intensity? With resistance training, intensity can be measured by the amount of weight being lifted, the number of repetitions, the number of sets, and/or by the duration of the rest intervals in between sets. For me, rest interval is usually the variable I prefer to use as the biggest challenger in my resistance training. For cardio, are you progressively increasing the degree of difficulty? The variables with cardio include speed or pace, amount of incline, duration.

As I emphasize in my eBook, “Age Re-Defined”, there are 8 components of fitness. One component which I personally should emphasize more in my own training is flexibility.

How about you? How many of the 8 components of fitness are you addressing? Are you making progress? Getting results? Challenging yourself? Eating healthy and clean?

For more about the 8 components of fitness, the fitness continuum, effective exercise programs, wellness, nutrition, health benefits of exercise (including some dramatic results of my own), and the mind-body connection, read my eBook: “Age Re-Defined” by yours truly, Robert Henry, JD CSCS CPT (Nutrition Contributor: Deborah Klein, MS, RD).

Robert is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Certified Personal Trainer with a Certification in Fitness Nutrition, and a Certified Wellness Coach. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Juris Doctor degree. He is located in Los Angeles.


(Of course, consult your health care professional regarding your own medical readiness for exercise.)