Healthy Teas: Some Teas To Tease You

Green tea, White tea, Bancha tea. The health benefits of green tea have been widely reported. Here’s a link to more information about green tea:  And another: … [Read more...]

Researchers Say Lack of Exercise Kills as Many People as Smoking

A study equated the mortality rate from lack of exercise with the mortality rate from smoking. In reaching its conclusion, the researchers relied upon a causal relationship between lack of exercise and heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and colon cancer. Exercise isn’t just about looking good. … [Read more...]

Exercise: Goals, Intensity, Progress, and Results

Do you have exercise goals? Do you exercise frequently, and with intensity, or does your total exercise regimen consist of a leisurely bike ride on the weekend? Do you keep an exercise log or diary? Do you exercise the whole body, plus cardio? Are you seeing and experiencing progress and results? … [Read more...]

Inflammation and Your Diet

Some foods are anti-inflammatory, some are pro-inflammatory. Inflammation is part of the body's autoimmune response. However, a dietary imbalance with too high of a pro-inflammatory intake and too low of an anti-inflammatory intake can result in various unhealthy consequences, and even a state of … [Read more...]