A Conversation with Jay Jackson (Perd Hapley on “Parks and Recreation”)

I recently had the opportunity and the honor of hosting a conversation with Jay Jackson ("Parks and Recreation", "Scandal", Supergirl", and more), at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, as part of my On Camera with Robert Henry video collection. Jay's journey is most interesting: real-life TV news … [Read more...]

Athens: Philosophers & Olympians—-Early Mind-Body. And a Fun Stadium Workout

[Photos: Top Left, Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens. All others taken at Panathenaic Stadium, Athens.] In addition to holding five certifications in fitness, nutrition, and wellness, and in addition to being a licensed attorney, I am also an experienced pilot and have been fortunate enough to … [Read more...]

Sprinting For Health & Fitness

Today's workout: Sprints. Done. There are a number of articles out there about the benefits of sprinting. Here's one I wrote for eHow.com. http://www.ehow.com/info_12324941_sprinting-vs-casual-walking.html Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCCjyeZnO5w Happy … [Read more...]

Low Cost Health Insurance

The lowest cost health insurance? Diet and exercise. And adequate sleep. Many people take medications to manage conditions which are preventable, manageable, and even reversible through diet and exercise. Why is there such resistance to healthy lifestyles and to preventive medicine? Motives of … [Read more...]

Lifeguards of the Sky

Have you ever held or transported a "cooler" containing a human heart - a heart that was soon to be transplanted into a recipient? As I write this in late July, it is peak beach and lifeguard season here in Southern California. But this is about Lifeguards of the Sky. Part of my message at … [Read more...]

The Heroes Project

We would like to mention The Heroes Project. The Project is having an event today here in Southern California (at Mt. Baldy) called Climb For Heroes. Take a moment to visit the Project's site. The Climb for Heroes aspect of the Project is one of the Project's three initiatives. The Climb initiative … [Read more...]

April-May Virtual Publicity Tour For My eBook, “AGE RE-DEFINED”

              I'll be touring the blogosphere (answering interview questions, guest blog posting, featured book, reviews, uploading a few videos to blogs) and guesting on a podcast during the April-May virtual publicity tour for my eBook, AGE … [Read more...]

Birthday Abs

Okay, I'm posting a "selfie" - a shot of myself taken by me with my cell phone while I pointed the phone at the bathroom mirror this past Saturday morning, which happened to be 38 days out from my upcoming 57th birthday. On my 16th birthday, I made my first solo flight in an airplane. That was cause … [Read more...]

Music And Exercise

I've been wanting to post about music and exercise. Last Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday and quite a bit of attention was given to the musical elements of that event. Today is Grammy Sunday here in Los Angeles. So, it seems as fitting a time as there could be for a few words about music. In 2011 and … [Read more...]