E-Book: “Age Re-Defined” Now Available

My e-book, “Age Re-Defined: Take Control of Your Health, How You Feel, and How You Look – Even in Your Forties and Fifties”, is now available for purchase and download. (Main title: “Age Re-Defined”).

It was a great experience writing this book. I’ve been asked, “Why not include 60s and 70s in the sub-title?” Well, readers of all ages are welcome. In fact, interest in the book  has been expressed by women in their 30s, who seem particularly interested in the book’s nutrition content and in my own fitness journey which began at age 29, when I began to practice better nutrition. I didn’t include the 60s or the 70s in the sub-title because “Age Re-Defined” is not just theory. It’s not just a discussion of what’s in the journals and in the published studies, although many journals and other references are cited (including hot links so you can access them on the spot if you have a live internet connection at the time). This e-book is not only about what’s in the journals, the studies, and the reports, but it is also about my own personal experiences. So, while I do refer some to more senior age groups, my emphasis is on the age range that I have personally experienced so far in my own journey, to my own present age of 56 and what I envision for the the remainder of my 50s. (Another edition of the book when I’m in my 60s!)

“Age Re-Defined” is about health, fitness, exercise, nutrition, wellness, and the mind-body connection. The book offers definitions of health, fitness, exercise, and wellness; although related, they are not exactly synonomous. Do you know the eight components of fitness? They are discussed in the book. The longest chapters are “The Many Benefits of Exercise” and “Nutrition”. Deborah Klein, MS, RD, and author of “The 200 Superfoods That Will Save Your Life” is a contributor to the book’s nutrition content.

I also discusss my own exercise and nutrition regimens. I describe my exercise journey which started at age 30 with a desire to gain weight, to add muscle mass – goals which were accomplished over a period of years, but which changed at age 52 to a desire to lose body fat, a goal which was also accomplished. I detail actual improvements in my health profile (e.g., cholesterol, triglycerides) which I achieved through diet and exercise and without any medication. I present a chapter on my own philosophy of exercise. And, last but not least, I reveal personal challeneges which in my 20s caused me to draw upon my inner strength and inner resolve – something I would do again for different reasons in my 50s, when I called upon my inner strength for the maintenance of my good health and for reversal of a supposedly age-related increase in body fat and for reduction of associated risk factors. Not only did I lose that excess body fat and the weight associated with it, and greatly improve my health profile, but I  actually discovered my “inner athlete” in my 50s, after more than 20 years of “working out”.

I’ve been a flight instructor, an attorney, and a jet pilot. But feeling good, enjoying good health, and being in great shape are rewarding in and of themselves and can only enhance your life, no matter what your livelihood.

The special launch price for “Age Re-Defined” is $6.99.

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