Exercise On The Road & Away From A Gym

Remote British Columbia Island. View from lodgings. Eagles, small species of deer, and other wildlife inhabit the locale.

In the Cockpit

IDEA World Convention. Anaheim, 2014

IDEA World Convention. Anaheim, 2014

As a pilot, I’ve had occasion to be on the road for as many as 12 days at a time. During those longer stays, I usually can secure access to some kind of gym. However, one trip in particular comes to mind when I think about exercise on the road: a remote island in British Columbia. There was no gym. Close to nature — deer and eagles were around and sport fishing was a major reason people visited the place– but workouts (and other things) required improvisation.

Here’s what I did in British Columbia:

1.) Outdoor jogging and sprints. (Incidentally, it was rainy and windy for a good portion of our stay.)

In the “hotel” room:

2.) Bodyweight squats

3. Lunges

4.) Planks

5.) “Mountain climbers” : Hold the plank position. Bring one knee up toward abs/chest and return to plank. Repeat with opposite knee. Perform at a rather quick pace.  I hold the rest of the body still during the knee/leg movement. Multiple reps and sets.

6.) Resistance band exercises for arms and back

7.) Push-ups

8.) “Bicycles” : On your back — legs mimic pedaling motion — I suggest a Google search for this one if you are unfamiliar. Or alternate toe touches (on your back, raise a leg and bring upper body up and touch toes of the raised leg with opposite hand, alternate, and repeat for many reps), or standing alternate knee raises for abs.

Multiple reps and sets of each.

The remote island stay was “only” a few days. I’m a believer in cross-training, including the gym, so this sort of workout is more of a substitute workout for me, when necessary.

Here’s a video I shot in which I demonstrate bodyweight lunges, squats, and other exercises that can be performed with no equipment.

On an extended stay in New Jersey for training, I used the not-too-bad hotel gym,  the stairs located inside the hi-rise hotel, and an outdoor running path. Outdoor stairs, if available, can also be used.

Another topic — for another time — is eating as healthy as possible on the road.

Enjoy your travels!


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