Fitness Nutrition Coaching

Robert is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. He will: Evaluate your current nutrition and identify your fitness goals. Provide guidance on beneficial nutrition for the purpose of reaching your fitness goals. Provide support for you as you implement beneficial nutrition choices and eliminate or reduce those nutrition choices which prevent you from reaching your fitness goals. Assist you in the self-assessment of your fitness status.

Provide general to specific guidance on fitness choices and recommendations. Emphasis will be on nutrition, with some emphasis on exercise. Includes weekly review of daily Nutrition and Exercise/Physical Activity Logs. (This is not a medical weight loss program.)

In all cases, Robert can help you select the Program (Personal Training, Wellness Coaching, Fitness Nutrition Coaching) which is most appropriate for your present needs.


“Your state of health, how you look, and how you feel are more within your control than you think.”

This service is best for persons who are overweight and who need to address nutrition/weight loss in the context of improved fitness. This is not, however, a medical weight loss program. It is intended to assist in the attainment of one’s fitness goals. Depending on the client’s health status, fitness level, and preferences, physical activity or exercise recommendations will be included. This is not a detailed meal plan, but involves awareness of the kinds of foods which complement fitness and those which sabotage fitness, as well as other related factors. The client will be asked to keep a food and beverage log or diary. Those persons seeking a more exercise-based program which includes some nutrition should consider a Personal Training package. In all cases, Robert can help you select the Program (Personal Training, Wellness, Fitness Nutrition) which is most appropriate for your present needs.

Contact Robert for Fitness Nutrition services. Available in-person or online.