Health for the Holidays 2016 & Beyond

Happy Holidays 2016! There’s an expression “Home for the Holidays”. How about “Health for the Holidays”? And all year round? My wellness aspirations are medication–free (which I continue to be), lean body composition with a body aesthetic (you can have definition, you can have abs), and fit (meaning a fitness regimen which addresses as many of the eight components of fitness as possible—more about that in my eBook). Wellness also encompasses adequate rest/sleep and a positive state of mind.

I don’t particularly recommend the “New Year’s Resolution” approach. I recommend the “commitment and lifestyle” approach.

My eBook, “Age Re-Defined”, available from all major eBook retail sites, contains much more information. I have 5 certifications in such areas as strength and conditioning, personal training, nutrition, and wellness. Google “Robert Henry Fitness” for more and for some of my videos. Inquire if interested in training or coaching services.

I have practiced law as an attorney and, as a pilot, I fly private jets for exclusive clients. You don’t have to “live in the gym” to reach health, fitness, and wellness aspirations, but you have to make them a priority, to incorporate them into your lifestyle. I recommend the use of a quality trainer or coach, at least periodically.

Speaking of age, I celebrated my 60th birthday in 2016! Photo is of me at age 60! Stay Fit!