landing4Your state of health, how you feel, and how you look are more within your control than you think – even in your forties and fifties (and beyond). This book addresses exercise, fitness, nutrition, wellness, and the mind-body connection. Its purpose is not to promote a particular exercise program or a particular diet plan – although its coverage of exercise, fitness, and nutrition is extensive – but rather to inform, educate, and motivate the reader on the importance of being proactive in one’s own health, fitness, and wellness.

Even if you are already physically active, this book can assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of your current exercise efforts. A foundational background in exercise and fitness concepts is provided. Not only does this book cite to numerous authoritative sources, but it also conveys the author’s own philosophy of exercise and an informative overview of his own exercise and nutrition regimen. The author shares his own motivating journey and the positive results he achieved through exercise, nutrition, and the mind-body connection, with particular emphasis on the challenges faced by him in his early fifties and the favorable results he achieved at that age by “re-booting” his commitment to health and fitness.

The importance of nutrition is explained and heavily stressed. A Registered Dietician with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition is a contributor to the nutrition content. One comes away with an awareness of quality nutrition and its role in optimal health, fitness, and wellness, and with a good working knowledge of the kinds of foods and eating habits which are most beneficial.


As stated in the book’s Introduction: This book is about believing in yourself, maintaining inner strength, and understanding exercise, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. This book is also about getting younger instead of getting older, discovering your inner athlete, and becoming and remaining healthy and fit in both body and mind. This book is for people who have never exercised but who would like to start; for people who would like to know more about good nutrition; for people who exercise but have not seen results; for people whose fitness level has declined and who want to re-ignite their fitness quest; for people who choose to be proactive about their own health, fitness, and wellness; for people interested in the mind-body connection; and for people who reject negative self-talk and self-limiting stereotypes about life after the age of 50. All ages are welcome.

AGE RE-DEFINED has a lot of great information about health, fitness, and nutrition. More than that, it’s also very motivational for people of all ages -and definitely for people in their forties, fifties, and beyond. I was already working out, but AGE RE-DEFINED has helped me to eat better, to feel better mentally, and to appreciate the mind-body connection. If your health is important to you, then you should read AGE RE-DEFINED – whether you’re just starting to think about health, fitness, and nutrition, or whether you already have some background.

Greg Hudson
Arizona State University Alumnus
1973 Fiesta Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP)

“The best up-to-date information…comprehensive…admirably executed”

Robert L. Bastian, Jr., Esq.
Attorney and former NCAA Division I gymnast
Los Angeles
March, 2013

4 out of 5 stars
Ruth Hill,,
April 21, 2013

Table of Contents:

  1. The Many Benefits of Exercise
  2. My Own Backstory & My Own Exercise History Through Age 50
  3. My 50s (So Far)
  4. Nutrition
  5. The Mind-Body Connection
  6. Wellness
  7. Goals, Progress, Results & Intensity: My Philosophy of Exercise
  8. Not All Exercise Is Created Equal
  9. My Own Exercise & Nutrition Regimen
  10. Conclusion
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