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"Age Re-Defined" Table of Contents

“Age Re-Defined” Table of Contents

Oct. 2012

Robert, age 60

Robert, age 60

Four years ago, I wrote “Age Re-Defined”, an eBook which is still as relevant today as it was the day it was released. (For example, turmeric is mentioned as a superfood. Four years ago. Incline and interval training are mentioned. Yep, still relevant.) It took me about 4 months to write, and over a month more for editing and other finishing touches.

“Age Re-Defined” contains much information and covers numerous related subjects, including exercise, nutrition, wellness, and more. I also discuss my own workout regimen and provide a framework for an effective approach to training. The eBook is good reading for beginners as well as those embarking on fitness certifications. There are 10 chapters. The longest chapters are Nutrition (contributor: Deborah Klein, MS, RD), and The Many Benefits of Exercise. I enjoyed writing every chapter. However, I think my favorite subject matter is Mind-Body Connection, which is also a chapter unto itself. Another favorite chapter is Goals, Progress, Results, and Intensity: My Philosophy of Exercise.

If the mental element is missing from your wellness and fitness regimen, then your regimen is (perhaps fatally) incomplete. The mind-body connection is a two way street (more about that in the eBook). At the moment, I’m referring to the mind to body channel. I meet people who seem to be sabotaging themselves at various levels with negative affirmations (“I’m shy”, “I’m too old”, “I don’t have time” — the latter is usually translatable to “It’s not a priority of mine, It’s not important enough to me”, etc.) Even some of the “motivational” words can sound a bit negative—for example, “discipline” rather the more positive-sounding “commitment”. All of this is discussed in “Age Re-Defined”.

Regarding “Goals, Progress, Results, and Intensity”: Often, people “show up” but don’t have goals and don’t do the workouts with the required focus and intensity. Progress and results suffer.

My approach is holistic, with an emphasis on the health, anti-aging, mental, and aesthetic benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle. I’m not just about the correct way to squat or deadlift, although that is useful information.

Check out the links to my social media and check out my eBook, “Age Re-Defined”, for yourself or for someone you know. It’s available for $6.99 or less, from all major eBook retailers. My best regards.

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Robert Henry, JD CSCS CPT holds 5 certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition, Certified Wellness Coach. He holds a BA degree, cum laude, and a JD degree, the latter from Southern Methodist University. Robert is an attorney and jet-rated pilot with 4 jet ratings and has flown private jets professionally. His passion for fitness and wellness co-exists with his other endeavors, proving that you don’t have to “live in the gym” to be fit. He is the author of “Age Re-Defined”, an eBook.