More About Age Re-Defined, The Lifestyle

Here’s a picture of me post work-workout from a couple of weeks ago. I’m 57. My own lifestyle: Eat right, exercise consistently, correctly, and vigorously, and have a positive/healthy mind-body connection. There are many, many words that could be written about any one of those elements. For today, here a couple of points: 1.) My goal and my practice is to eat at least one “super food” daily (in addition to other healthy foods). 2.) I grimace when I see or hear stereotyping of the entire 50+ population as physically inactive, as overweight, as capable of only low intensity physical activity. Speaking as I was of “diet” in my first point about super foods, a steady “diet” of such stereotyping can be self-defeating in making oneself “feel old”, or feeling incapable of certain fitness accomplishments (when the capability is actually still within you).  As with many other things in life, fitness has a mental component, a “self-talk” component, as does overall wellness. Regarding that mental component, be reminded that exercise enhances mood and even brain function, and that nutrition also can enhance brain health, too.

Even of you’re well under age 50, you, too, can benefit from this. It’s not limited to Age Re-Defined, it can be Self Re-Defined, or Self-Transformation: from unwell to well, unfit to fit, negative to positive, bad diet to heathy diet, etc.

Be well!