Music And Exercise

I’ve been wanting to post about music and exercise. Last Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday and quite a bit of attention was given to the musical elements of that event. Today is Grammy Sunday here in Los Angeles. So, it seems as fitting a time as there could be for a few words about music.

In 2011 and 2012, I shot a number of videos. I even had a Music Supervisor. Selecting the music for the videos was as much fun for me as any other part of the process. I had the opportunity in December 2011 to attend a special screening of a documentary. After the screening, I talked with the Music Supervisor for the documentary, who was also the Music Supervisor for my videos. We talked about how music can evoke happiness, sadness, or just about anything in between, and how music in a film must match the mood of the scene to which it is matched. There can be a wide range of moods over the course of a film.

We talked about how music can enhance a workout. I currently don’t wear headphones much when I work out because the headphones and the gear seem to either fall off or get in the way, and “managing” the song selection, volume, etc., can be distracting. The music that is played over the speakers in the gym usually works for me. Nowadays, I use my own music selections more for pre-workout and post-workout. Of course, some exercise is built completely around music: zumba, or anything dance-based. Music often accompanies yoga, as well. So, in a broad sense, music enhances life and life experiences. A particular song from years past can bring up personal memories related to that period. More specific to this blog, music can enhance – and even provide the basis for – many a workout.

And the Grammy for Best Exercise Song goes to…