Personal Training

A Personal Trainer can really make the difference in your exercise program. Robert has had his own one-on-one trainers over the years and credits them for much of his own fitness success. As your Personal Trainer, Robert will help you identify and reach your fitness goals. Robert’s in-person training is results-oriented. Sessions may be in gyms or, depending on your training goals and preferences, at various outdoor exercise locations. Robert also provides Fitness Nutrition services as part of his Personal Trainer services. (On-camera talent, studios, etc. – Contact Robert directly to book pre-production and on-set trainer/coach services in L.A. area or on location.)

In general, recommended frequency is three sessions per week. At that frequency, twelve weeks (about 36 sessions) is a common benchmark for noticeable and sustainable changes, particularly if weight loss and improved overall fitness are part of the program. After that time, people sometimes choose to use a trainer for continued progress and/or for maintenance, at the same frequency or at a lesser frequency and in conjunction with their own workouts.

Training two persons at a time is possible. Feasibility depends on training goals and preferences, and differences in fitness levels of the two clients. We do not pair clients – you must already have your training partner if you wish to train in one on two sessions with Robert.

Contact Robert if interested in personal training.

At present, our online personal training consists of the following:

Initial Consultation & Assessment, Exercise & Nutrition, up to one hour; one telephone follow-up per week for 6 weeks (up to 30 minutes per follow-up), 3 email follow-ups per week for 6 weeks; follow-ups include review by Robert of photos/videos, exercise and nutrition logs, and further recommendations from Robert. Other variations are possible.