It’s been reported that many if not most health issues can be successfully addressed (managed, reversed, prevented) by lifestyle. Most of the lifestyle reporting relates to exercise and nutrition – cornerstones of wellness. However, there is an insidious threat to health and wellness which is not as frequently reported: stress. Exercise is a natural de-stressor. However, even for those who exercise regularly (and certainly for those who don’t) other de-stressors can include: hikes/nature walks, hobbies, music, meditation, quality sleep, and even laughter. Sometimes, removing the cause of the stress – or removing oneself from the cause of the stress – might be advisable. My e-book, “Age Re-Defined”, addresses this in the context of wellness.

Here is a link to an article on the subject of stress and how to de-stress. I advocate the use of exercise logs or diaries and food/beverage logs or diaries in the context of exercise and nutrition. This article, among other things, recommends a “stress diary”.

In short, exercise, eat (and drink) healthy, and…remember to de-stress.



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