Exercise On The Road & Away From A Gym

As a pilot, I've had occasion to be on the road for as many as 12 days at a time. During those longer stays, I usually can secure access to some kind of gym. However, one trip in particular comes to mind when I think about exercise on the road: a remote island in British Columbia. There was no gym. … [Read more...]

My eHow.com Fitness Routines Video Series & More

Here's the link to my Fitness Routines Video Series. Lunges, push-ups, exercises for the triceps and biceps, deadlifts, comments about egg whites, and more. I was 3 weeks past my 57th birthday when 12 these videos were shot, one after the other in a warm exercise … [Read more...]

First Workouts of 2013

The afternoon of January 2nd found me at my favorite beach workout location where I did stairs, incline sprints, and incline lunges. The photo shows the location from the top of the stairs and the top of the incline. The night of January 2nd found me at the flagship Golds Gym, where I lifted … [Read more...]