The Best “Anti-Aging” Regimen Is…

I’ve said it before: exercise body and mind, diet (by that, I mean good, healthy nutrition), adequate rest, and positive self-talk. And that goes for good general health, too.

For myself, I’m referring to vigorous exercise. (For yourselves, take it incrementally and consult your own exercise professional or health care practitioner.)

Take a look at who your exercise, nutrition, or “anti-aging” advice is coming from. I mean literally take a look. Does he or she walk the walk, talk the talk? I don’t necessarily mean does he or she have a talk show (nice as it must be to have one). There are those on TV and elsewhere – including some with huge followings – who don’t seem to personify their own fitness messages (or any bona fide fitness messages, really), or whose dietary message seems to change from week to week. But take a look for yourselves.

Here a couple of pics from the past week which are straight out of my cell phone. Walk the Walk. Talk the Talk.

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