The Gift of Health


There as an inundation of noise this time of year about gifts. Buy this, buy that.  It has been said that Thanksgiving – a few weeks ago now – is the day when people give thanks for what they already have immediately before setting out to acquire more “stuff “.

Health is a gift that you can give to yourself. Unfortunately, there are medical conditions which cannot be prevented or addressed through lifestyle. However, so many of the most prevalent health issues in America today can be prevented, managed, or even reversed through a healthy lifestyle — a lifestyle committed to exercise, healthy eating, and a positive mind-body connection.

Studies have shown that while exercise can yield benefits at any age, starting and committing to a healthy lifestyle before the onset of any of these more prevalent lifestyle-influenced diseases or conditions can markedly reduce one’s chances of falling victim to them.

I’m 57 and in my 50s I ratcheted up an already existing commitment to health and fitness, with great results.

My father passed away a month short of his 64th birthday. My mother passed away at age 62. I was 21 when they passed. I am not passive about my health. You shouldn’t be, either. To me, health and life are gifts. A holiday isn’t necessary for thanksgiving or reflection. It has been said that wellness is a proactive endeavor. Don’t take your health for granted and don’t surrender to health declines as “inevitable”.

As a gift, health is great. It’s free. You can give it to yourself. It helps you feel good and look good. It helps you to live longer and more independently. And it’s available every day of the year.

My gift to you this season, aside from the information I post here and on other social media, is a promotional discount on my informational and motivational eBook, “AGE RE-DEFINED: Take Control of Your Health, How You Feel, And How You Look – Even In Your Forties & Fifties” (Nutrition Contributor: Deborah Klein, MS, RD. Deb is herself published through Harper-Collins, is a practicing dietician, and is actively pursuing her PhD.)

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Age Re-Defined

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Health & Wellness to You and Yours.



Robert is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and a Certified Wellness Coach in Los Angeles. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Southern Methodist University, is an attorney, and is also an experienced flight instructor and jet-rated pilot. Robert is 57, and the author of “AGE RE-DEFINED: Take Control of Your Health, How You Feel, And How You Look – Even In Your Forties & Fifties”, an eBook.






















wreath image: David Wagner