The Hills

Yesterday was a non-training day. However, I felt the need to do some physical activity and decided to “go for a walk”. I had two choices: walk along the beach or take the hills. I chose the hills, which at the top offer a panoramic view of the beach and the Santa Monica Bay. Catalina Island was also visible yesterday.

I re-booted my fitness regimen 4 years ago. Before the re-boot, the steepest part of the hill climb would cause a dramatic rise in heart rate and breathing, and sometimes the need for a short break before continuing.

Yesterday, the hill looked just as steep, but my legs welcomed the challenge. My heart rate and breathing increased only slightly and my pace didn’t slow. No need for any kind of rest.

I had done the hill climb another time after the re-boot, too. On that occasion, I decided to do multiple sprints up the hill,  since walking it wasn’t the challenge it used to be. Yesterday, I didn’t do the sprints, but I decided instead to do additional walking climbs and descents at the steepest part after I finished the full walk. The additional climbs and descents had a twist: I did them backwards.

The physical activity was great. The cool air was invigorating. And the reminders of the progress I’ve made fitness-wise were great, too. When it comes to physical activity and exercise, challenge yourself. Make progress. And enjoy the process and the results.

So, what did I do for physical activity yesterday? It was a day off from training, so I went for a walk.