“Toxins” & “Detox”

This post isn’t about drugs or alcohol. Last month, I told someone I was looking forward to “detoxing”. The word came out spontaneously at the time. Afterwards, I thought about my choice of words and my meaning. I wasn’t referring to any substance abuse. I was referring to an environment which I felt had a negative energy, or the wrong energy, or an inordinate amount of stress and the fact that I would no longer be in that environment.

I’m suggesting that negative thoughts, negative energy, and stress are toxins. “Detox” might be in the form of meditation, relaxion, or exercise. Or it might be in the form of removing oneself from the source of the negativity (negative energy, stress) – whether it be another person, an employment situation, or something else , or in changing one’s own self-talk or one’s own perceptions (in the case of negative thoughts). I doubt that this word usage falls within the clinical classification of toxins or detoxing, but it sure seemed to me like a good choice of words at the time. I think making the analogy to toxicity and to detoxing underscores the destructive impact of negative thoughts, negative energy, and stress (the toxins), and the beneficial impact of positive thoughts and energy and less stress (the detoxing).

In this context, “negative” can mean thoughts or energy which are obviously negative and which might well require therapuetic intervention (not really what I’m referring to in this post), or it can mean thoughts or energy – or an environment – which limit you, which prevent you from reaching your potential as a person and which, over time, chip away at your own positivity and energy. So, consider these other kinds of “toxins”, and “detox” as needed.