Wellness Coaching

Wellness is broad and encompasses the whole person.  Exercise and nutrition are vitally important to wellness, but so are other factors. Stated simply and broadly, wellness encompasses physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. It is a holistic concept. Wellness coaching, in short, assists the client who is ready for coaching and ready for change to reach an improved state of wellness by addressing one or more wellness issues in the client’s lifestyle.

Robert is a Certified Wellness Coach. His emphasis includes exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, identifying and reducing or eliminating risk factors affecting one’s health/fitness/wellness, and related issues. At this time, generic Wellness Packages are not available. (Package Wellness Coaching rates are possible on a client by client basis.)

If fitness and/or nutrition are identified as the client’s primary wellness concern, then the client may purchase a Personal Training or Fitness Nutrition Package, if desired, in lieu of Wellness coaching. In all cases, Robert can help you select the Program (Personal Training, Wellness Coaching, Fitness Nutrition Coaching) which is most appropriate for your present needs.

Contact Robert for Wellness Coaching services. Available in-person or online.




“Health is not something you can buy at your local pharmacy.”