Wellness: It’s More Than Exercise & Nutrition

In my eBook, “Age Re-Defined: Take Control of Your Health, How You Look, And How You Feel – Even In Your Forties & Fifties”, I wrote, as a Certified Wellness Coach, about the various components of wellness. (I also wrote in “Age Re-Defined” about the various components of fitness.)

I’ve written here, in my eBook, and elsewhere about the mental and emotional benefits of exercise. Wellness also includes inner strength, inner peace, inner tranquility. Exercise is a natural anti-depressant and a natural de-stressor, so it contributes in that sense to inner strength. But that’s only part of the mix. Inner strength/peace can be nurtured through meditation, fellowship, nature experiences (e.g., hikes, a walk on the beach), hobbies, etc.

When I was a kid in school, I would usually take any opportunity in writing assignments to write about flying, one of my passions. This blog post is no exception! I took my first flying lesson at the age of 14 and was an instructor at 19, so flying has deep roots in yours truly. Even when flying professionally as a job, the aesthetics of flight were always there to enjoy to one degree or another: the beauty of a Rocky Mountain sunrise from 40,000 feet, a Gulf of Mexico / Florida Coast sunrise from 30,000 feet on descent into Miami after flying in the darkness from Los Angeles (the lights of New Orleans, the darkness of the Gulf and…the beginning of the sunrise and the Florida coast starting to come into view), the glow of Las Vegas from 150+ miles away on an otherwise dark night. That sort of thing.

Last weekend, despite a hiatus from professional aviation for many months, I had the opportunity to go flying in a privately owned and operated turboprop aircraft with a longtime aviation colleague and former flying student of mine. It was great and a mood-booster. I think the photo conveys the sentiment. And flying a complex aircraft in busy airspace is exercise for the brain, too.

Okay, I got to write about flying. The bigger picture here is to include in your pursuit of wellness things which relax you and which nurture the inner you. You’ll know it when you experience it: relaxation, elation, feeling better, feeling nourished, feeling as if you were just in contact with some part of your inner self and it was good. It can – and usually is – a simple thing. The simple but profound sunset at the beach or at some other scenic location, for example. A walk in a park or on a walking or hiking trail. Meditation. A good conversation. Music. Dance. Even a good read. A quiet, starry night sky. One of the starriest skies I ever observed without being in an airplane was on Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California.

Be well!